Total Rush and Corrosion Control LLC


Total Rust and Corrosion Control(TRACC) was incorporated in 1990, and re-incorporated in 2006 to manufacture and distribute environmentally friendly corrosion control chemical products and related equipment for use by the commercial and military industrial marine market.  Conscious environmental awareness and responsibility is critical for success in the modern world, and TRCC/CROSS takes pride in leading the industry with a superior product, and honored to be the recipient of multiple awards for their coordinated product/environmental efforts.


RDP is unique for ferrous metals.  While chemically removing rust, phosphating of the metal simultaneously occurs.  The insoluble phosphate coating thus produced consists of a nonconductive layer of crystals that insulate the micro-anode and micro-cathode centers caused by stress or imperfections in the metal surface, greatly reducing the severity of electrochemical corrosion.  A nonconductive resin binder forms secondarily to the initial deoxidizing/phosphating reaction, completing the coating by filling the voids between the crystals totally insulating the metal.